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IDB Product Brochure

Smart Workplace Product Brochure Design

AV company Intevi were breaching into new areas, specifically Digital Workplace Solutions and wanted to have a product brochure that took the user on a journey. I 3D rendered various views of an office, and integrated their products into the render.

"Each page of the brochure took the reader through a typical 'day in the life' journey of an employee."

This brochure was all about the story, so I emphasised the products on the page with a 'whiteout' 3D model, and careful placing of the surrounding text, so as not to overwhelm the reader with information.

"Careful splashes of colour throughout highlight the product features without overwhelming the reader."

The Intevi Colour Palette was carefully complemented by selected photography to help tell the story through visual means. The white theme with splashes of purple colour suggests a professional, clinical, premium product, which is reflected throughout the brochure.