Content Management System

Branding and User Workflow Adjustments

AV Company Intevi Ltd aqcuired a Content Management System known as Dema. It was my task to bring the UI inline with the Intevi brand, and perform a UX streamline on the system.
In part, the original system was clunky and visually outdated. I streamlined processes such as uploading, scheduling and publishing media, and outlined general 'quality of life' improvements that reduced cognitive friction.

"The Intevi Digital Signage (IDS) system was designed as part of a larger brand family. Ensuring a consistant brand across different tools was a main concern."

This product worked in tandem with the other tool in the Intevi Digital XChange family, like the Intevi Template Builder and Intevi Digital Retail Dashboard.

"Using the IDS Orange branding throughout required a light touch, so as not to overwhelm the user with colour."

The other colours from the IDX palette were used sparingly as 'information' or 'interaction' colours. This helps to keep every element of the UI on brand, without losing common associations in design; like Blue being used for information, and Red being used for cancelling or deleting.

"I also created an alernative 'light mode' for those that prefer this view."