A little bit of history.

What does 'Creative Designer' mean? It means I tend towards simple, communicative design that puts the user first. Whether that's based in User Interface & Experience Design, the creation of tutorial videos over on TipTut, exploring artistic styles in Illustraton, or putting together a product brochure or banner that is print-ready and consumer friendly.

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Passionate, cynical and a romantic at heart. I enjoy spending spare time having a struggle snuggle training BJJ, rolling dice and crushing skulls as Fibusan the Barbarian in D&D and exploring life with my Fiance. The rest of my leisure time is spent reading fantasy novels, making music, petting my cat and trying to not be so consistently grumpy.

"I generally and genuinely try to enjoy my work, play and existence."


I have a 1st Class undergraduate in Media Production at University of Winchester. Currently undertaking postgraduate degree in Design Practice at the same institution. Before this I attained various GCSE's, five A levels in Graphic Design, Film Studies, Media Studies, Psychology and Ancient History. Extended Project at A Level focusing on the feminist-by-proxy properties of Ripley in Ridley Scott's 'Alien'.

"The pursuit of further education and expanding myself both as a Designer and a person is one of my main goals - and favourite things to do."


I have freelance experience dating back to 2012, including clients such as: WWF, The Hampshire Constabulary, Premier CX, Air Products, Virgin Trains, Estee Lauder and Aldi. I've been working at Intevi as a Digital Designer since August 2014.

Nice Things That Have Happened

I feel like it's important to celebrate things, whether the achievment is personal or professional. I've listed some nice things below.

Graduated from University of Winchester

Top of the class with a 1st Class Degree. Two of my films won Best Editing and Best Film at U-Doc & U-Drama 2014. My final project, Fable: The Lost Art of the Spoken Word, an animated documentary that explored aural storytelling in the modern world, earned industry praise.

November Winds - EP

I've written two EP's under the Pseudonym November Winds.

Won Awards for Best Animation at WSFF

I won Best Animation at the first Winchester Short Film Festival in 2013 with my short film Masks. In 2014, by short film Bite Sized Horror was nominated for the same award. In 2015, I entered Mamihlapinatapai for the same award, but unfortunately was not selected.

In 2015 We Bought a Bungalow

I moved into a bungalow with my fiance, shortly after we got a cat named Phoebe, she's pretty dumb.

Founded TipTut

On July 1st, 2016 I founded TipTut. I've spoken about this at length on the project page, but wanted to mention here too, as I'm pretty proud of it.

Made Some Films for Busted's Drummer

Cobus Potgieter, famous YouTube musician started drumming for Busted. I edited some videos of Busted on tour, then later some videos about recording their new album.

In September 2017, She Said Yes!

I proposed to my fiance on a cruise ship, she said yes! It was lovely.

I Started My Master's Degree

In September 2018, I embarked on a new journey: Digital Media Practice at UoW.