Animations (Various)
- Director, Editor, Animator, Storyboard Artist -

Below are a collection of animations made for various clients. Some are explainer videos, some animated segments from YouTube entertainers, some are short explorations of concepts.
- Lil' Bits -​​​​​​​
Short motion graphics or animation segments made for TipTut or other projects.
- Plants -​​​​​​​
New plants are always tricky, I suppose.
- The Void -​​​​​​​
An exploration into isolation, made for mental health awareness.
- W.A.S.H. Water Aid -
An animated explainer video made for WaterAid.
- Mamihlapinatapai  -​​​​​​​
A short animation focusing on my interpretation of a concept that doesn't have an English equivalent word.
- Fable: The Lost Art of the Spoken Word -​​​​​​​
A series of animations made for drama-doc Fable: The Lost Art of the Spoken Word. A documentary on bards directed, edited and animated by me.
- Bite Sized Horror -
A series of short horror animations, based on the popular internet phenomenon: the 'two-sentence horror story'.
- Dumb Stuff Our Cat Does -
A short series exploring some of the dumb stuff our cat does.
- YouTube Animations -
Various animations made for YouTube channels, some of these are rude, some are dramatic, others are musical. You have been warned.
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