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Branding and Management of Learning Resource

On July 1st 2016, TipTut was born. TipTut is a design resource that offers tips, tricks and tutorials for Creative Designers. Since its conception, TipTut has grown to over 75,000 subscribers and has made over 250 tutorials.

"What began as a labour of love, quickly became a succesful outlet for my creativity and passion for design."

When creating the branding for TipTut, I focused on a bold, playful colour palette that connnoted energy, movement and passion. The bold reds and yellows in the logo suggest both certainty and energy, whilst the triangular structure of the designs convey a sense of confidence, knowledge and trustworthiness.

As well as the relevant social media icons and banners, I created a series of overlays for livestreaming, these included a branded overlay, Be Right Back screen and others. The TipTut Colour Palette is designed to work in a variety of situations, both print and on-screen and allows for a great amount of freedom when developing thumbnails for videos.

The two fonts for Tiptut are Lovelo and Caviar Dreams. The blocky, geometric style of Lovelo, and the sans-serif, mono-weighted nature of Caviar Dreams compliment each other and work perfectly for short amounts of text, such as that found in video thumbnails.

"Designing the thumbnail for each TipTut video was a great way to explore my ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple, easy to consume manner."