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Choke Points App

A BJJ Activity Tracking & Motivation App

Choke Points is an Activity Tracking and Motivation app targeted towards the worldwide Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu community. Users can track their training sessions, milestones, competitions and other events and receive targeted feedback on their performance. Additionally, the App also offers updates such as: Technique & Deal of the Day, Local and Global BJJ news and a Gym/Competition Finder.

"Choke Points integrates directly into the training cycle."

Users can also post images and videos from their training sessions, and track their milestone progress throughout their entire grappling career. The app is also useful for beginners as it is home to a library of terminology, techniques and excercises.

I chose a soothing blue/green colour palette to reinforce the calming, health based roots of the app's functionality. Additionally, the icon and typography design is kept deliberately simple so as not to overwhelm the viewer with visual information.

I created a video pitch explaining the concepts and reasoning behind the creationg of Choke Points. You can watch the video here if you are interested in the psychology behind the phenomenon known as 'The Blue Belt Blues'.