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Intevi Product Brochure

Digital Television Product Brochure Design

AV company, Intevi Ltd, were expanding their Digital Television product, and required the design and branding of their new Brochure. The bold Yellow colours of the logo complimented both a dark and light print background, allowing for a dynamic and impressive brochure.

"Eye-catching, simple and informative. The brochure explored the Intevi product in-depth whilst presenting the information in an easily consumable manner."

As well as the brochure itself, I also created a series of 'functionality icons' throughout the brochure that help to illustrate the main features of the system. These too utilised the fantastic Yellow/Grey combination from the Intevi branding.

"Larger sections of text were broken up into more consumable sections. This kept the brochure from becoming overwhelming and, importantly, focused the user's attention on the visual elements such as product photos and deployments."