Basics for Beginners

Augmented Reality Learning Resource

Basics for Beginners is an Augmented Reality learning resource that consists of a textbook and mobile app. Users explore the core concepts of Graphic Design in the textbook, then complete AR exercises using the mobile app and textbook combined.

"BfB benefits students by appealing to all learning types, and making learning interactive."

Users can manipulate the AR elements to explore further, bring up extra information and deepen their understanding of the subject matter. I used a black and orange colour palette to evoke creativity, construction and playfulness.

The inclusion of Augmented Reality in the learning experience has proven to be an incredibly beneficial tool to help students retain information, and explore new areas of interest that might be difficult to visualise as a concept. Integrating with technology that they are already familiar with is a fantastic way to help ease them into the new type of learning that AR offers.