Motion Graphics | Illustration

AllClear Motion Graphics

Animated Explainer Videos

I was hired by AllClear Travel Insurance to create a series of flat design, motion graphics explainer videos. I decided on a simple, bold colour palette, and core shape based elements for the design in order to convey a sense of simplicity, trustworthiness and approachability.

"Simple, friendly and approachable."

The idea was to create objects with as few points as possible in order to retain the simplistic visuals. Ideally, each element would be able to exist on it's own on the page, and convey everything that needed to be understood by itself.

"Characters were built with core objects: circles, squares, triangles to maintain their simpliity."

These videos were accompanied by narration, that each told of a customers journey. It was important that the graphics matched the tone of voice of both the narration and the message as a whole. The bright colour palette, consistently weighted animations, and simple character builds helped to convey and overall message of trust and calm.