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365 Days of Design

A design a day. Every day. For an entire year.

In December of 2017, I started a challenge to create an A4 design every day for the next 365 days. It was an ordeal that forced me to rethink my creative boundaries, explore new areas of interest and skill, and work through creative blocks.

"The idea was simple: don't break the chain. Design every day, no excuses."

The project ranged from illustrations to graphic design; user interface design to hand sketches. Ultimately, I grew a great deal as a designer by undertaking this project, both in a professional and personal manner.

Some days it was all I could do to re-use something I was currently working on. Others, I'd spend hours on a single design, or preload several designs to get ahead. It was tempting at times to throw in the towel, but I found myself feeling accountable to my past self, and that motivated me to complete the project.