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Brochure Pack

Design of a Print Brochure Pack

I was approach by Intevi to design a Brochure Pack for use at industry shows. This would have to hold each of the Product Brochures, as well as a Business Card and other documentation for the client. I opted for an A4 folding pack with a 1cm spine and added a small Business Card holder on the inside. This allowed for plenty of room without being bulky.

"The dark colour palette with a bold spectrum of product colours lent itself fantastically to the sleek, professional function of a Brochure Pack."

Branding was imperative, so I made sure that an Intevi Logo was present from every angle of the pack. The Intevi Logo, IDX Logos and 'Intevi Stripe (the thin line along the bottom of the pack) are staple elements of the Intevi brand. Having them in constant view is a perfect way to represent the brand at a glance.